Hilary Devey will join 2011 series of Dragon’s Den

Entrepreneur Hilary Devey has been announced as the new member inside the Dragons’ Den, replacing James Caan

She said of joining Dragons’ Den, “I have always been a fan of the show and I was so pleased when the BBC asked me to be on it.”

The businesswoman built up a multimillion-pound empire after launching her firm Pall-Ex in 1996, selling her car and home to fund it.

She’s conquered a string of personal set backs to get to where she is today, including failed marriages, a stroke after plastic surgery and enduring the agony of her son’s heroin addiction.

She has had to tackle her son Melvin’s £600-a-day heroin habit – which he funded by stealing from his mother.

She said: ‘For a long time I had to lock every door behind me.

‘He would steal my clothes, food, electrical household items – anything he could sell for money to get a fix.’

But Hilary said he has overcome his addiction and said: ‘Time is a healer and he is going back to college.

‘We are really close and I will always be there for him.’

Hi-res images can be found on our website scopefeatures.com


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