We donated IVF eggs to help women longing for a family
…not to earn some money

WOMEN donating their eggs to help childless couples could now be paid £750 for their trouble. 
The move, initiated by the Human Fertilisation And Embryology Authority, hopes to end the shortage of eggs and sperm which has forced many desperate for a baby to seek IVF treatment overseas. 
Female donors, who often have to go through a painful, invasive procedure for their eggs to be retrieved, can currently only claim travel expenses and a maximum of £250 for loss of earnings.

JACKIE BARR lives with husband Stephen, 32, an oil rig engineer, in Glasgow. They’ve been together for 11 years, married six and have two children — Lucy, eight, and Stephen, five — pictured with them above. Jackie says:
“Every so often I will look at a baby or pregnant woman and find myself thinking, could that baby be from one of my eggs?
“When in September 2008 I donated 18 eggs, Stephen was dead against it. Worried I might die during the procedure — and about the prospect of my children seeking me out when at 18 they have the right to find their biological parent — he begged me not to go ahead.

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