The misery of being Mrs Big Foot: Newsreader Kate Silverton (size nine) says it can make life agony

Pictures By Dan Goldsmith

The evening had been a fantastic one. I’d danced the night away at a club in London and now my boyfriend and I were trying to get home.

We’d left it too late to catch the Tube and all the taxis we tried to flag down were taken, so we decided to walk the few miles back to my flat instead.

Big mistake. For I was wearing the fabulous new high-heeled boots I’d bought earlier that day. They hadn’t had my size — a far-from-dainty nine — which wasn’t an unusual occurrence.

But I was young, had a date and desperately wanted something to wear, so I forced my feet into a size eight and fooled myself into thinking they fitted.

We were halfway home when I began to realise something was seriously wrong. I’d lost all the feeling in one of my feet, so the poor guy had to gallantly give me a fireman’s lift the rest of the way.

We got there eventually, but by then, my big toe was so damaged it remained numb for the next six months.

Today, I have come to terms with having big feet, but I still cry inside when I spot a beautiful pair of heels that seduce me into a store because I know that, inevitably, once inside, I will probably be told that they only go up to a size eight.  I was 20 at the time and thought it was worth the agony.  Then, as now, fashionable footwear only ever went up to a size eight, and I can never recall a time when finding shoes that fitted was an easy task.

So it was with a smile that I read an interview this weekend with Jane Winkworth, founder of the shoe company French Sole, in which she said she’s noticed women’s feet getting progressively bigger.

She says her latest collection will address that with shoes to fit women with larger feet. It’s about time. For the past 20 years or more, I have sat on the sidelines when it came to fashionable footwear.

Full story can be found on the Daily Mail website

More hi-res images can be found on our website


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