Footballers’ Wives and The Bill actor Ben Richards, 39, battling cancer

His acting career has blossomed, but behind the scenes Ben Richards has had a tough few years. Now, in the latest heartbreak for his family, the Footballers’ Wives star has revealed he is battling cancer.  The 39-year-old took to his Twitter page with the news at the end of last month.

He wrote: ‘After getting scariest news yesterday, I have to now postpone my LA adventure for at least six months. I was born a fighter and will fight this.’

Days later, the star, who played Bruno Milligan in the hit TV series, wrote: ‘Great meeting with oncologist today, lovely guy, v. positive, I was terrified he’d give me bad news.’

Mr Richards then thanked his wife Helen Richards, 37, calling her a ‘rock by my side.’

After the appointment he told his 8,576 Twitter fans: ‘Yep, time to battle the big C. Prognosis is good gang and should kick this into touch in about six months, well this should be a different journey xx’.

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