Scott & Bailey star Suranne Jones to play lead role in new BBC ghost story!

Suranne Jones, who currently stars in police drama Scott and Bailey and who formerly starred in Coronation Street, has landed the lead role in a “modern ghost story” entitled, The Secret of Crickley Hall.

To air on the BBC, the spooky new drama has cast Suranne as Eve Caleigh, who moves into Crickley Hall with her husband Gabe (Tom Ellis) a year after the disappearance of their young son.

At first, Crickley Hall seems idyllic, set in picturesque grounds and with a certain tranquility, however, when the cellar door opens and closes of its own accord, and the desperate cries of children echo through the house at night, it becomes clear there’s more to Crickley than anyone could have suspected.

So, terrified by the goings on in the house, Eve and Gabe decide to leave, however, just as they’re about to leave the house, Eva hears her missing son’s voice, and she vows to remain at Crickley until she finds him…

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