Why Craig Revel Horwood is Strictly single now

Famed for his acerbic put-downs and low-score judging which dampens the enthusiasm of the hapless contestants in TV’s Strictly Come Dancing, Craig Revel Horwood will perhaps be forgiven if he becomes even more cruel in his judgments of samba-stamping celebrities in future.

For Craig, 47, has been hiding the heartache of a split from his long-term partner, Harley Street pharmacist Grant MacPherson, 32, after nearly five years together.

The couple met through a dating website in 2007 and had been living together at Revel Horwood’s home in Camden, North London. But they have, Craig said, parted following a mutual decision that their relationship wasn’t working out due to their very different lives.

Australian Revel Horwood, 47, a former professional drag queen and who was once married to Welsh-born Jane Hallwood, says he is ‘sad’ about the end of the affair and is now adapting to a single life.

Craig, who grew up in Melbourne, says: ‘We split in October but I have kept it quiet so we can get over it. It has been sad, but you have to move on. We just grew apart and things hadn’t been as easy as they were in the beginning for a long while.

‘Our worlds are very different and we both knew it wasn’t working. We said it had to be over at the same time. In fact, he beat me to it by a millisecond!’

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