Forget 40, life begins at 60 says Cherie Lunghi as the actress celebrates her milestone birthday

They used to say life begins at 40.Actress Cherie Lunghi, however, insists that 60 now  marks the same turning point –  even if it means acquiring a  bus pass.

On reaching the landmark birthday this week she insisted that times have changed, and what was once viewed as old age has simply become an extended middle age.

Miss Lunghi said: ‘We dress and do our hair more youthfully than our mothers’ generation. ‘I have become quite accepting of the passing years. Nowadays 60 is the new 40.

‘I am extremely content and open to whatever life has to offer – including my bus freedom pass.’

She added that while once she was tempted to try and hold back the years by using Botox, she has given up because it is expensive and too time consuming.

Miss Lunghi, who made her name playing Guinevere in the 1981 film Excalibur and starred in The Manageress on TV, explained: ‘I didn’t get attached to Botox. It is costly and you have to remember to keep doing it.

Full Story can be found on DailyMail website
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