You only age twice: Fifty years after the first 007 film, whatever happened to those Bond girls…

Being a Bond Girl can be a curse. For many, the handle ‘former Bond girl’ led to a series of insubstantial cameo roles or a date with the plastic surgeon.

That doesn’t stop actresses from clamouring for the role. In Skyfall, out later this year, French actress Berenice Marlohe takes the challenge opposite Daniel Craig. But whether she will live up to her sexy predecessors remains to be seen.

Here, in words and pictures, we reveal what became of them…

When she emerged from the sea in Dr No, wearing a white bikini and carrying a conch shell, Ursula Andress defined the Bond girl. She was beautiful, brave and cursed with a sexually suggestive name: Honey Ryder.

Dr No was the first in the Bond franchise, but in 21 films over 50 years, the formula hasn’t changed.

James Bond, Agent 007, is dispatched by MI6 to save the world from an evil mastermind, and in the process encounters a string of lissom girls in bikinis and evening gowns.

The film is likely to end with one of these girls showing her gratitude to Bond in a passionate, physical fashion.

Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, had an uneasy relationship with women: he married late, after decades of committed womanising, and was serially unfaithful to his wife, Ann.

In turn, she humiliated his work in front of her literary friends. But his female characters were rarely weak.
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