Donal McIntyre and Family By Tony Ward

Pictures by Tony Ward

Intrepid TV journalist Donal McIintyre and his wife Ameera have hailed their new baby son as a miracle.

Their cherished tot was born five months ago- against all odds of gorgeous Ameera being able to have more kids.

She had been told she’d never have another baby as a result of hormonal changes linked to her non-malignant brain tumor. But she and Dubliner Donal (45) were stunned when a scan then showed that she was expecting.

The devoted couple, who have two daughters, were overjoyed when baby Hunter was born on November 17.

‘i wasn’t sure before whether miracles happen. Thanks to him, I know that they really do,” said a thrilled Ameera (35) i was so happy when i held him for the first time I cried. Having him was a real blessing and i was crying for joy.

Under cover reporter Donal told Hello! magazine of his delight at the latest addition to his family.

HELLO 2012

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