Rovers Landlady Michelle Collins quitting Corrie

CORRIE star Michelle Collins is quitting as Rovers landlady Stella Price — to spend more time with her teenage daughter.

Ex-EastEnder Michelle, 51, is fed up with having to commute from London to Manchester for filming.

The Cockney actress, who joined in April last year, has just been given a new 12-month contract — even though fans criticised her dodgy northern accent.

But Michelle — who played Albert Square superbitch Cindy Beale — says daughter Maia Rose, 15, comes first.

She said: “I will be in the show until this time next year but I think she would sue me after that.

“My daughter has her GCSEs next year. I want to be around to support her so I’ll have to take time out.

“I find it really difficult working in Manchester and then coming back to London to be a mum. I don’t want to unsettle Maia.”

Michelle had looked set for a long run in the ITV soap, and her departure will be a big blow.

Sue Johnston — from comedy The Royle Family — has even been signed to play Stella’s mum Gloria.

A source said: “We hoped she would be talked about in the same breath as Annie Walker, Bet Lynch and Liz McDonald. It doesn’t look like that will happen now.”

Stella’s storylines have included her being revealed as Leanne Barlow’s mum.

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