Ruud Gullit’s wife leaves him for a younger man after getting ‘sick of his cheating’

SOCCER legend Ruud Gullit’s wife has given him the red card because she claims he had a series of affairs during their marriage, according to reports today.

Estelle, 33, has split from the former Dutch football star and fallen in love with a world champion kickboxer – 21 years younger than Gullit.

She told Dutch paper De Telegraaf that she blamed her husband’s infidelity for the end of their 12-year marriage.

Estelle said: “Of course Ruud had affairs. He always did during our marriage. And of course I knew about them.

“And of course he would deny them all the time. My trust in him decreased over the years. In the end I didn’t trust him one bit.

“That was the moment I started to ask myself, what is this whole marriage actually based on?”

“I put on a brave smile for a long time when I was with friends.”

Estelle claims Ruud, 49, was stunned when she said she wanted a divorce.

Estelle, who is niece of Dutch legend Johan Cruyff, said: ‘There is one thing Ruud needs to know. Badr has not stolen me from Ruud… Ruud gave me away.’

‘I wanted us both to tell the children. We have a daughter Joelle and a son Maxim together. But I did not get the chance to discuss that.

‘Ruud is so annoyed. He really did not see this coming. But that is what happens when you are so busy with your own things.’

Estelle said Ruud is ‘an ­adorable father’ which ‘as a woman, that makes you melt at times’.

But she said being a good father is not enough. The former European Footballer of the Year was married twice before and has four children with his ex-wives.

Ruud told Dutch media this week that he was getting divorced, ‘because of recent ­developments in his marriage’.

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