Maria should be in mental home by now – Says Samia Ghadie

KEEP Corrie crimper Maria away from those hairdressing scissors — telly babe Samia Ghadie reckons her character is in serious danger of losing the plot.

The stunning soap star who plays her thinks Maria Connor should be in a MENTAL HOSPITAL. And she does have a point.

In 12 eventful years on the ITV1 soap she has cried rape, had a stillborn baby, buried a murdered husband, given birth on a beach and been sexually assaulted.

Samia told TV Biz: “You could write a book about what’s happened to Maria. If that happened in real life, she’d have ended up in a mental home by now.”

Fortunately, the dark stuff is behind her for now. Instead, Maria is being catapulted into a will-they-won’t-they romance with buff builder Jason Grimshaw (played by Ryan Thomas).

And as our picture reveals, it’s not long before the pair get passionate.

Most female Corrie fans would love to kiss the Weatherfield hunk, but Samia just found it all rather embarrassing.

She said: “I’ve been on Corrie for 12 years now and Ryan and I are such good mates. We get on so well. So when Maria starts getting very friendly with Jason it feels weird kissing Ryan.

“It’s like kissing my brother. And, oh my goodness me, we just have to giggle about it. We have to make a joke.

“You don’t get nervous, you just laugh a lot as it does feel so strange.”

Full Story can be found in The Sun newspaper

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