Poldark star Angharad Rees dies

Welsh actress Angharad Rees, who has died of cancer at the age of 63, was one of the best-known faces of the 1970s thanks to her role in Poldark.  Poldark actor Robin Ellis, one of the stars of the Cornish production, has paid tribute to his co-star.  Angharad Rees, who played Demelza, has died aged 63 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, her family said.  Mr Ellis described the actress as someone who “threw herself into the part. She was wonderful to be with”.  Rees starred as the spirited servant Demelza, who married Cornish tin mine owner Ross Poldark.  It became one of the most successful drama shows on British television.    Mr Ellis said: “I will remember Angharad with huge affection.  “I have a great admiration for her talent and joy in my heart because it was really a special time.

For her radio work, she won the Prix Italia for Florent and the Tuxedo Millions in 1982 and was nominated for a best actress award in 1985.  However, she turned her back on acting when her eldest son Linford was killed in a car crash on the M11 in Essex in 1999, aged 26.  At the time, Rees and husband, Dynasty actor Christopher Cazenove, said they were “devastated”.

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