Anthea Turner hinted last night that she might take husband Grant Bovey back

SHATTERED Anthea Turner hinted last night that she might take husband Grant Bovey back after telling friends: “I still love him.”

Bovey, who left his first wife Della for Anthea, was ordered out by his three daughters after allegations of an affair with a 24-year-old blonde interior designer.

She was reported to be Zoe de Mallet Morgan.

Bovey has denied any illicit relationship, but yesterday Anthea, 52, left their family home in Esher, Surrey, and is refusing to see him.

A friend said: “Anthea is very confused. She needs time away from Grant to get her head around it. She is heartbroken by what has happened but she still loves him deeply. She needs some time to think.”

Former Blue Peter presenter Anthea is said to be desperate to keep things amicable for the sake of Bovey’s daughters, Lily, 20, Amelia, 19, and Claudia, 16.

A source said: “She won’t get in a situation where she will tear him apart because she’s got a very strong relationship with his daughters. They are very close, they’re like best friends.”

Property developer Bovey, 50, is said to have admitted a friendship with Zoe but denied they were having an affair while Anthea was away working on a Canadian TV show.

Anthea’s pal said: “She confronted Grant last week. She told him she wanted to know what was going on. He said, ‘You went off to Canada, I met this girl, but she’s just a friend’.”

Bovey and Anthea married in 2000. He was declared bankrupt three years ago after his property business went into administration with debts of £50million.

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