Countdown Rachel Riley wedding

Pictures by Tony Ward appeared in Hello magazine issue 1235

Aisle have a vow please …. Countdown star Rachel Riley tied the knot with her university sweetheart watched by her Channel 4 pals.

The maths whiz swapped consonants for commitments as she married Jamie Gilbert with guests who included programme host Nick Hewer.

Riley, 26, who replaced Carol Vorderman on the daytime show, told Hello! magazine: “It was only when we were walking down the stairs to the ceremony that I got a bit nervous.

“We were getting in position, ready to make our entrance when my dad stood on my dress. So he kind of fell over.”

Riley added: “As soon as I saw Jamie, I was waiting for his reaction to my dress.”

“She looked amazing,” said her new husband.

Hewer, who posed alongside the happy couple for the magazine, puckering up for a kiss on her cheek, said: “Of course, Rachel is one of the most beautiful women in England.

“When you’ve got brains and beauty combined, then you’ve hit the jackpot – at least Mr Gilbert has.”

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4 thoughts on “Countdown Rachel Riley wedding

  1. Fantastic pictures, of a wonderful occasion,Rachel looking amazing,together with groom Jamie,good luck to them both.Great job Tony Ward 10 out of 10.


    1. Chris,your surname suggests you could be related to Rachel,or is it just coincidence? Anyway i still say she was a beauiful bride,and a truly wonderful young lady,Jamie is so lucky,and i wish them both total happiness for a long happy married life.


    2. Good Afternoon, can you tell me why photos of Countdown’s Rachel Riley’s wedding have gone from your Scope Features website? Thank you Malcolm Cannell


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