DAYBREAK’S bubbly new host Lorraine Kelly plans to put LAUGHS into show

DAYBREAK’S bubbly new host Lorraine Kelly plans to put LAUGHS into the ailing show to stop it being such a dog’s breakfast.

She takes over the reins today with new sidekick and former child star Aled Jones as part of a fightback against the BBC.

Sun columnist Lorraine said the ITV show was in dire need of a sense of humour.

She said: “We’re going back to basics. It’s all about giving people the main news and showbiz of the day.

“We’re bringing some of the fun back, not fun resulting from silly stunts, it’s having a sense of humour. But you don’t want to change everything.”

She said she was constantly in hysterics with former chorister Aled who was a surprise choice for her male co-anchor.

The pair did a screen test in Dundee where Lorraine lives because she was too unwell to travel to London after her horse-riding accident in February.

And she said: “We went to a penthouse flat and he just made me laugh. He’s very sharp and well-informed.

“And he doesn’t indulge in some kind of gladiatorial ‘I’m cleverer than you’ nonsense. He gets on with it.”

She added her predecessors were on to a hiding from the start as too much was riding on them. They were poached from BBC’s The One Show on huge salaries but viewers dubbed Adrian Chiles too “grumpy” and Christine Bleakley an “airhead”.

They were finally axed in November.

Lorraine said: “There was a lot of hype and I’m not comfortable with that. It’s about the content.”

Lorraine will go on air at 7am each weekday except Fridays and present Daybreak until 8.30am, then switch to her usual Lorraine show.

It means she now has to be in work as early as 4am but is used to being an early riser, adding: “I’ve been doing this since 1985.”

And she isn’t worried keeping the name Daybreak will make people think it’s the same old show, saying: “People in TV get hung up about names, viewers don’t.”

Bosses hope viewing figures will grow from their current 500,000 to more than a million — rival BBC Breakfast often gets up to two million viewers.

Lorraine said: “It isn’t going to happen overnight. I just hope people tune in, like what they see and come back and stick with us.”

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