Paul McKenna: My depression took me to a very dark place.. I wondered if I’d ever feel right again

AS the world’s most famous hypnotist, he’s freed people from phobias in minutes and tackled demons plaguing them for a lifetime.

But in the past 18 months, Paul McKenna found himself at a complete loss when it came to tackling his own depression.

The man who has helped millions lose weight, quit smoking, and even get richer wondered if he would ever be free of the bleak feelings which darkened his life.

Paul, 48, says: “I became very depressed and went to a very dark place. I wondered if I’d ever feel right again, which really shook me.”

Ironically Paul was working on a book about happiness at the time.

“I made it my mission to finish it,” he says. “If I hadn’t had that end point to work towards, God knows what might have happened.”

Paul’s emotions took another blow in March with the death of his father Bill, a builder. He describes that as the blackest period of his life.

“I’d never experienced such deep sadness,” says Paul. “Seeing my family so upset was very hard.”

Multi-millionaire Paul, from Enfield, North London, could never have imagined his level of fame 20 years ago when he was a radio DJ.

A meeting with a local hypnotist sparked his interest, and before long he had his own stage show, convincing men that a mop was Miss World and making women believe they were ballet stars.

“They were good times,” laughs Paul. “It was fun and I really enjoyed doing the shows. But I wanted to take it to the next level so that people were able to get more than just a laugh from it.”

Full story can be found on the Mirror website.

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