Unseen images of Rock Star Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland at home – 1975

She was the blond Swedish starlet better known for the men in her life — Warren Beatty, Ryan O’Neal, Peter Sellers — than for 22 mostly forgettable films. He was the randy rocker of ”Maggie May” fame who preferred blonds. Soon after Britt Ekland, then 32, met Rod Stewart, 30, at an L.A. party on March 5, 1975, they were, by her account, making love up to four times a day. ”Rod regarded every orgasm as a testimony of his love for me,” swooned Ekland in her 1980 autobiography, True Britt.

Playing the role of rock mistress to the hilt, Britt accompanied her gravel-voiced wild man on hotel-trashing tours, fending off hordes of groupies. He wore her panties on stage (giving his famous bum a seamless desirability) and she whispered French nothings on his 1976 hit, ”Tonight’s the Night.”

But roving Rod put an end to it all 2.5 years later when he replaced Ekland with another blond, model Liz Treadwell

Here we have recently scanned unseen pictures of the couple at home in LA in 1976 for more rare unpublished images go to our website scopefeatures.com


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