Frank Bruno opens up about harrowing experiences he faced in hospital

‘He’d grabbed a knife out the kitchen and was coming at me’: Frank Bruno opens up about harrowing experiences he faced in hospital after being sectioned twice

On 22 September 2003, former boxing champion Frank Bruno was forcibly sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

And this year on April 13, Frank found himself faced with the same situation after family members voiced their concern over his behaviour to local health officials.

Describing being back in hospital as ‘worse than being in prison’, the 50-year-old has opened up about a chilling attack which took place as another patient threaten him with a knife.

Speaking candidly to the Sunday Mirror, Frank recalled that the incident happened on his second day in Basildon Hospital in Essex.

‘I was sitting in the dining area when I saw a guy out the corner of my eye. He’d grabbed a knife out the kitchen and was coming at me when ­security staff bundled him over.

Admitting that the ordeal shocked him, he said: ‘I froze in shock at what was ­happening. A lot of the people in these hospitals are very sick and need help.’

Despite being taken aback by what had happen, the Wandsworth born champion quipped that he showed no fear as he’s shared a ring with American boxer Mike Tyson twice.

Bruno also told the paper that the attack pushed him to do all that was needed to ensure his discharge papers were written up, allowing him to leave the unit.

The day Frank had longed for came on April 20 when he was told by a medical board he could head home.

When he returned home, it just so happened to be the same his interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories was aired on television.

Following on from his hospital release he enjoyed a trip to Scotland with his girlfriend Nina Coletta

But less than one month later he received a visit from Police Officers and was taken to St Andrew’s Hospital in Northampton for five weeks on May 6.

Explaining how the experience felt like hell, Frank said that he hated being on medication but used an intense fitness regime to nurse himself back to good health.Along with doing 4,000 sit-ups daily during his work out sessions, he revealed praying to God and  reading the Bible helped him cope.

Currently under the care of community doctors, Frank was released from hospital in June.

Determined to not let mental health get the better of him, the star said: ‘This may well be the toughest fight of my life – but I am going to do all I can to win it.’

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