Coronation Street star Anne Kirkbride opens up about ‘stealing’ her real-life love from another woman

Anne Kirkbride has seen her fair share of on screen romance dramas as Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow, including the famous 1983 Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin love triangle that gripped the nation.
However, Anne has had her own love triangle off screen as well.
The actress has opened up about her romance with her husband of 20 years, David Beckett –  revealing he was with another woman when she met him.
She told the Sunday Mirror: ‘When David and I met there was an instant attraction, but I didn’t want to get involved with him.’
Beckett briefly appeared on the enduring soap as Deidre’s handyman boyfriend on the soap, and after six months of fighting her feelings for the actor she soon realised it was inevitable that they would fall for each other behind the camera.
She added: ‘I never like talking about it ­because I’m conscious of his ex. It wasn’t nice for her, but she was ­absolutely brilliant when it all ­happened and I still feel bad about it.’
Anne also revealed that that she was single for four years after meeting him in 1990, and had given up on men after a string of failed romances.
Beckett played Deidre’s joiner boyfriend Dave Barton on the show.
While they met in difficult circumstances they ended up marrying each other in 1992.
He also gave up his career as an actor to spend more time with her.
And Anne has credited her real life love with helping her during her long-term battle with depression.
The actress has admitted that she has struggled with depression, and checked into The Priory for four months worth of counselling sessions in 1998.
She still takes anti-depressants ever day, and believes using them are the best thing she’s ever done.

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