As she meets her idol Donny Osmond in Las Vegas, Susan Boyle says she may have  conquered her demons but now she’s terrified it may all disappear

EXCLUSIVE pictures By Scope Features photographer Eddie Sanderson

We’ve only just met and Susan Boyle has already whipped off her heels and shown me the results of some recent pampering – a pedicure inlaid with Swarovski crystals.
It complements her shiny red manicure, not to mention her even shinier surroundings – a room at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. ‘I went for a massage the other day at a spa shop in Vegas. I love a massage,’ she giggles. ‘What woman doesn’t love a bit of pampering?’
This one, now believed to be worth an impressive £22 million, certainly does, and while in Vegas she gambled some of that well-earned fortune.

‘But the machine swallowed the money and wouldn’t give me any back so I stopped! It was my first time in Vegas and it was great fun, especially since I got to perform with Donny Osmond. If someone told me years ago I’d be performing on stage with him, I’d have laughed at them. He’s been my idol since I was 13, so I feel like I’ve grown up with him in a way. It’s all been a bit mind-blowing.’
Everyone familiar with the Susan Boyle story knows that much of what has transpired in the past three and a half years has been mind-blowing – the ‘wee wifey’ who bowled up to the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in a gold dress and black tights blew everyone away with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream and then went on to sell 17 million albums worldwide.
She’s just completed a five-day tour of the US, performing alongside Donny both in Vegas and at the LA studios of Dancing With The Stars, the US version of Strictly.

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Full story can be found on Daily Mail website.


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