Jedward turn James Bond baddies as they admit: We’d be good villains

John and Edward Grimes – love them or hate them, you can’t knock the success of Jedward!

In fact, the boys are one of The X Factor‘s most successful exports. Having already conquered the worlds of music and TV, now, John and Edward have got their sights set on the movies.

“We’d be the perfect Bond villains,” Edward told Reveal. So we Reveal Magazine dressed them up to look like 007’s biggest enemies!

To finish the look they hire a cat, who, by the way, is called Louis – just like their manager Louis Walsh. LOL!

“Me and John are going to replace Louis Walsh with Louis the cat,” adds Edward, 21.

So what will make The Jeds the best Bond villains in history?

“It’s all about being mysterious, and no one ever knows what we are thinking.” says John.

We must admit, we’re a little baffled by what goes on in the boys minds as they get stuck into our shoot. They’re so chatty, as well as being totally focused on getting the right shot, and busily pick the seeds out of a bunch of grapes before scoffing them for energy.

“Having a pet is also key to being a Bond villain,” adds Edward. “Daniel Craig would be so busy looking at our pet that we could pounce on him.

“We’d also have an invisibility cloak, like Harry Potter, so no one would know what kind of mischief we were getting up to.”

Here we have the EXCLUSIVE shoot that appeared in Reveal Magazine issue 46

For more EXCLUSIVE unpublished pictures go to our website


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