Sharron Davies shapely at 50 thanks to a little nip ‘n’ tuck

Sharron’s shapely at 50 thanks to a little nip ‘n’ tuck: Former swimming star credits cosmetic procedures for helping her look so good

She exercises four times a week and lifts weights.
But Sharron Davies happily admits that her fitness regime isn’t the only reason she looks fabulous at 50.
The former Olympic swimmer credits a string of cosmetic procedures – from breast surgery to fillers and Botox injections – for helping her look so good.

And unlike many other celebrities, Miss Davies is ready to discuss in detail the procedures she undergoes.
The mother of three made the confession during a photo-shoot to mark her milestone birthday.
Modelling swimsuits at a poolside resort in the Maldives, she told Hello! magazine: ‘I just want to look the best I can for my age.’
Miss Davies, who recently separated from her third husband, said: ‘I have Botox every six months to iron out my frown lines and fillers to plump out the skin at the sides of my nose.
‘I also had fillers once to get rid of trace lines that started appearing just above my upper lip.
‘I don’t see that’s any different from having your teeth crowned or your hair coloured or your nails done.
‘It all helps me to feel better and more confident about the way you look.’
Admitting to breast augmentation, she added: ‘My boobs were only put back to how they were before I’d breast-fed. It was never about trying to become Pamela Anderson.’
The TV presenter, who won silver at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, also tries to stay fit and eat well. She said she has never smoked and rarely drinks alcohol.
‘I’ve always looked after myself,’ she said. ‘I’m reasonably sensible about what I eat and try not to have a big meal after seven in the evening.’
Although she exercises and lifts weights, she says she is ‘not fanatical’. ‘I did six hours of training every day most of my sporting life and I began when I was ten. That’s a little like money in the bank. The body has a memory,’ she said.
Meanwhile, asked if she was seeing anyone after her marriage split, she said: ‘Not at the moment. It would be nice to have someone special again one day, but I’m not interested in going out there hunting high and low.’

Story published  in Daily Mail

Here we have pictures of Sharron Davies through the years, more images can be found on our website


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