Lisa Riley: ‘I’ve been getting my legs out a lot more now’

Lisa Riley is being talked about as one of the most popular Strictly Come Dancing contestants to have ever graced the dance floor.


Despite having a huge public following the star and her dance partner Robin Windsor went out in the semi-finals, but according to Lisa, they had already won.

Lisa told Reveal Magazine: “Robin and I felt like we’d won already by that stage because we proved that you can dance whatever your size. All that we missed out on was a big glitter ball trophy so we’re going to give each other little glittery baubles instead.”

And now that Lisa will be having a bit more time on her hands she’s keen to start looking for The One.

“I would have said that I’ve been in love three times but I know now that it’s only been once,” she said. “The others were just lust and juvenile. I’ve been single for 10 months now so I’m thinking New Year, new love! But I was saying to Robin recently that the idea of going on a date makes my nerves bad!”

Lisa has always been a very strong, confident person, “no one can touch me” she says, but Strictly has given her even more self-belief.

“I’ve always known how to dress for my shape but since Strictly I’ve been really liking the dresses that go in under your boobs because they’re so flattering,” she said.

“And I’ve been getting my legs out a lot more because they’re nice and shapely after all this dancing.”

Lisa is now looking forward to the Strictly tour and many other exciting projects – including finding the man of her dreams!

To read more about Lisa’s future plans buy Reveal out now!

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