A marriage made in Hev – Den : Duncan Bannatyne talks about his divorce

A marriage made in Hev – Den

Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne blames his ‘gold digging family’ for making staff redundant as he laments finalisation of costly divorce on Twitter

Duncan Bannatyne has revealed that his divorce has been finalised – and claims that the cost of the separation has forced him to sack members of staff from his businesses.
The Dragons’ Den star took to Twitter yesterday to announce the formal end of his marriage to Joanne McCue, and appeared to accuse her of being a ‘gold digger’.
He has previously complained that the cost of his divorce has affected his business empire, even blaming a trip to hospital with a suspected heart attack on the stress of legal proceedings.

Mr Bannatyne told one of his Twitter followers he had ‘no spare cash’ after the divorce.
Darren McQuade asked the businessman if he would be willing to guarantee the future of a shop near his home in Teesside.

Mr Bannatyne replied: ‘I can’t do that as have no spare cash & having to make staff redundent [sic] due to cost of divorce’.
He then added: ‘I just received my Decree Absolute by email, isn’t that nice? #DivorcedForMoney by a #GoldDiggingFamily’.
A decree absolute is the document that legally dissolves a marriage.
Mr Bannatyne and Ms McCue married in 2006 and have two children together. They split in December 2011.
The tycoon later apparently took another opportunity to attack his ex-wife as he responded to messages of support from online well-wishers.
‘Yes I have great support & a great future, just want the world to know what disgusting parasites they are,’ he wrote.

Last year, reports emerged that Mr Bannatyne, whose fortune has been estimated at £430million, would have to sack 43 employees due to the cost of his divorce.
He later reassured staff at his business empire, which includes bars, gyms and fitness clubs, that he was taking all necessary steps to safeguard their jobs.
In October he was taken to hospital after suffering chest pains which were thought to be signs of a heart attack.

After he was discharged, he said: ‘It was a pure stress attack as I have been under a lot of stress. It was very scary but I am feeling much better now.
‘The businesses are all going really well, that is not a problem. It is the divorce. I have another High Court date coming up.’
He previously admitted he struggled from depression after the breakdown of his marriage to first wife Gail.
The 63-year-old has four children from his first marriage as well as his two with Ms McCue.
‘A handful of redundancies were confined to the new projects team as Duncan consolidates the business in line with the cost of the divorce and market conditions,’ a spokesman for the businessman said.
‘However, investment continues in order to grow established business streams and key performance areas including the call centre operation in Darlington.’

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