Liberty X! Pop stars back together for Big Reunion

Liberty X have reformed for a new ITV2 show, inviting Reveal Magazine to an exclusive shoot seven years after their pop heyday.

The band members of Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor, Kelli Young, Tony Lundon and Kevin Simm first formed in 2001, after coming second to Hear’Say on Popstars, and went on to bag a BRIT award, not to mention become our guilty pleasure on the dancefloor.

Seven years after their split and they’re back, and looking better than ever..

So, how does it feel? Jessica, who’s now married to England cricket player Kevin Pietersen and has a two-year-old son called Dylan, says: “With Liberty X the first time around, we were so busy working that we couldn’t take stock of how brilliant the experience was.

“We felt grateful, but never had a proper chance to fully appreciate it.”

She adds: “Getting back together for this has been great, we’ve been doing lots of reminiscing. I remember once, we were at a festival in Italy and shared the stage with Oasis and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I was a huge Oasis fan growing up, so it was a proper pinch me moment.”

Kelli adds: “The only bad thing about Liberty X was how tired we were, because we worked so hard. But now I’ve got twins, so I’m still not getting much sleep!
“But we were so lucky, we got to travel the world, see some amazing things, and we genuinely got on really well together.”
Read more on Jessica and Kelli, as well as chats with Michelle and the boys, in issue 26Jan-1 Feb Reveal magazine.

More EXCLUSIVE unpublished hi-res images can be found on our website


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