Loose Woman and party girl Carol McGiffin reveals why drinks so much

‘I booze so much because I don’t want to live that long’: Loose Woman and party girl Carol McGiffin reveals why drinks so much

Loose Woman Carol McGiffin has made no secret of the fact she enjoys necking a few glasses of wine with her toyboy lover.
But the 53-year-old has revealed there is a deeper reason for her boozy ways – she doesn’t want to live for too long.
The self-confessed party girl, who has previously said she would never have a facelift as people may mistake her for her toyboy lover’s mother, admitted: ‘I just don’t want to live that long. That’s why I drink so much. What’s the point of living forever?’
Carol said she understood why some older people would find it hard to carry on, if they had financial or emotional problems.
Although the former journalist, whose husband-to-be Mark Cassidy is 22 years her junior, admitted ageing does have its plus points.
She said: ‘I can see myself getting bored. Not with life – I am healthy and fit and I can still afford to take care of myself.
‘I am already teaching Mark how to push a wheelchair around’.
Carol, who has appeared on Loose Women for the past ten years, was famously married to DJ Chris Evans in the 1990s.
She recently admitted: ‘I would love to have a facelift. My face is heading south and, more than anything, I want to look better and less tired.
‘I also don’t want people to think that I am Mark’s mother, although she is 10 years older than me and looks amazing.
‘Mark doesn’t want me to do it but there is nothing he can do if I decide to go ahead with it. It’s scary though and it must be very painful.’
Carol also joked that she is always trying to force him on sunbeds in a bid to age him up.

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