Michelle Keegan breast riddle

CORRIE star Michelle Keegan’s boobs sparked a cyber frenzy yesterday as web fans insisted a topless snap flashed on computer screens WAS her.
The soap actress, 25, continued to deny she was the mystery girl-in-a-bath after the busty photo appeared on her Instagram page — for just six seconds.
Blaming a prankster pal, she even hinted on Twitter that she might show hers for real — as proof.
The prospect thrilled her army of followers despite many being convinced she had already given them an eyeful.
While the topless image was deleted from the photo sharing site almost straight away, it was there long enough for hundreds to copy and send around the world.
Lewis Case was among those who flocked on to Twitter yesterday to declare the boobs were those of the curvy actress who plays Tina McIntyre in the ITV soap.

His verdict was: “Deffo”. Jordan Goddard tweeted: “A hundred per cent Michelle Keegan.”
Fuelling the riddle was the fact Michelle DID tweet a photo of herself having a soak — but just showing her toes — at precisely the same time the topless photo appeared.

More hi-res images can be found on our website scopefeatures.com


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