Britain’s Got Talent contestant Francine Lewis ‘spent night of passion with Leonardo DiCaprio’

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Francine Lewis ‘spent night of passion with Leonardo DiCaprio’

She blew away the judges on Britain’s Got Talent with her celebrity impersonations, but Francine Lewis is used to being around actual A-listers.
The dark haired beauty is said to have once spent a night with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.
Francine, who is now happily married with two children, reportedly met Leo in 1999 when she was a hostess for The Generation Game.
After talking to each other in a London bar the pair are said to have headed back to the expensive Metropolitan Hotel where they became intimate.
According to The Sun newspaper Francine said she did not sleep with Leo and she was in a relationship at the time with property dealer Sacha Tropper.
Months before her meeting with DiCaprio, Francine was also linked to former EastEnders star Michael Greco.
The newspaper also reported that she spoke about her sexual appetite, boasting that no man can satisfy her.
She said: ‘I’m a friendly girl and I can’t say no to anyone! I like to make eye contact with a guy and if he gives me that little smile back I know I’m in there. But the truth is no single man can satisfy me.’

However, Francine said ‘this is all old news’ and won’t let the past affect her future on the show.
Lewis wowed the judges and the crowd with her uncanny impressions of Stacey Solomon, Katie Price, Amy Childs and Holly Willoughby on Saturday night.
The mother-of-two blew the judges away with her impersonation of Cheryl Cole and she even left Simon speechless.

As she pretended to be the Geordie singer Francine said: ‘I’m excited to be here, even to see you Simon, me frenemy.’
Her performance left the judges so impressed they rewarded her with a standing ovation.
Simon told her: ‘That was incredible, brilliant choices of people.’

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