Chanelle Hayes finds being compared to Jade Goody crushing

Chanelle Hayes has been with her boyfriend Jack Tweed for three years now, and last week their relationship saw its biggest challenge to date.

Jack, who was married to the late Jade Goody before he met Chanelle, did an interview in which he said that no-one could ever replace Jade in his life.
This is understandable for a man whose wife died under such tragic circumstances, and in an exclusive chat with Reveal, Chanelle says she completely understands where he’s coming from.
What she doesn’t accept, however, is the fact that she feels constantly compared – often unfavourably – to the reality star who died of cancer in 2009.
“Jack’s interview was meant to be a tribute to Jade, four years on. But I felt the questions were disrespectful to me and my family. Asking Jack if I’m jealous of Jade, or if I’ll ever replace her, made me upset.”
As soon as she’d read the interview, Chanelle Tweeted: “Absolutely sick of living up to a f****ng ghost,” before removing the Tweet.
“I shouldn’t have Tweeted what I did, I was just so cross,” she tells us.
But the former Big Brother contestant, who has two-year-old son Blakely from a previous relationship, makes the point that living in the shadow of Jack’s ex is becoming increasingly tough on her.
She battled a year-long bout of depression recently, and says: “People Tweet Jack, saying he’s downgraded since Jade, and call me a silly tramp.
“Jade’s a public hero and I know I’ll never ever be as good as she was. But every year, at the anniversary [of her death], it bashes my confidence. I know that sounds really selfish, but it makes me doubt my relationship with Jack, doubt myself as a person.”
Read the full interview with Chanelle in issue 17 of Reveal magazine.
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