Caprice Bourret is ticking off the days until she can welcome her two unborn sons into the world

Pictures by Alan Olley

After three failed IVF attempts, at 41 she turned to a surrogate. Now she’s pregnant… So, Caprice, will you love the baby you’ll give birth to more than your surrogate’s?

Expectant mother Caprice Bourret is ticking off the days until she can welcome her two unborn sons into the world. At 41, the former model can’t wait to become a first-time mum. After a miscarriage and three failed rounds of IVF she’d almost given up hope of ever having children.
With not long to go, she can already visualise her two little boys. Scans reveal both have ‘very long legs and massive feet’ like their 6ft 3in Dad, millionaire financier Ty Comfort.
Freshly decorated nurseries await the brothers at the West London home Caprice shares with Comfort, 47, and their names have already been put down for exclusive London pre-prep schools.
‘I can’t wait to hold my two little boys in my arms. After everything I’ve been through, I couldn’t be more excited and feel incredibly lucky,’ she says.
‘I’ve gone from the sheer despair of being told I couldn’t have any children to this blessed position of having two healthy sons. I call them my miracle babies.’
The boys’ welcome into the world will be somewhat staggered, however. Extraordinarily, Caprice’s firstborn is due on August 28, while her second son is expected on September 28.
Told by fertility doctors she’d never carry a baby of her own after three failed IVF attempts, Caprice and Ty decided to use an American ‘gestational carrier’ — or surrogate — to give birth to their biological child.
Remarkably, exactly one month after discovering their surrogate was pregnant, Caprice — against all odds — conceived her second son completely naturally.
So she will be eight months’ pregnant with her second son when she brings their first son home from hospital. Come the end of September, she will be juggling two babies — one slightly more newborn than the other.
It sounds a challenge to say the least, especially as Caprice may be delivering her second son by Caesarean section (her scans show she is carrying a very big baby), but she is nothing if not totally prepared for this potential logistical nightmare.
‘I don’t feel daunted at all, I’m positively embracing it. I’ve been to hell and back to become a mum. If I had seven children I’d be over the moon,’ says Caprice, who will fly out to the U.S. on August 1, when she’s 32 weeks’ pregnant, in readiness for her first son’s birth.
‘Of course I’ll need help, but I’ve worked hard all my life to prepare for this event.’
She has already hired a maternity nurse and two nannies to help her through the challenging first few months of motherhood.
‘I don’t want my sons to be brought up by nannies, but the reality is that I’ll be in that last difficult month of my pregnancy when my first son arrives. I need to know there’s help if I need it, but I’m hoping I’ll be the one going to them at night.’
So now that she knows she can conceive naturally, does she have any regrets about turning to surrogacy, still viewed by some as controversial?
On the contrary. Caprice believes it was her only rational choice after being left with fertilised embryos from IVF that doctors insisted she would be unable to carry to full term.
‘My mum told me: “You’re blessed to have this option. You have a biological child and someone willing to carry it for you. You’ve met the man of your dreams, you’ve waited 39 years for this, why are you even questioning it?” ’
The couple decided to proceed and were put in touch with a specialist agency in the U.S. by their fertility doctor. In Britain, commercial surrogacy is illegal, but some American states permit it.
Caprice is unable to talk about the terms of the agreement with her ‘gestational carrier’ under the terms of the contract, but says she never regarded it as a purely business transaction.
‘Some women may be motivated by money, but there are some really amazing ladies — like our gestational carrier — who genuinely want to help couples have a family,’ says Caprice, who has never met her surrogate but speaks to her regularly on the phone.

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