Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattinson wants to shape up

These pictures of Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattinson are a far cry from her glamorous on-screen image  The 25-year-old has suffered from a series of cruel Twitter jibes about her weight in the past .

The Tv reality star, who has almost a million followers on twitter, may be feeling the blues after splitting from boyfriend  Ricci Guarnaccioand but  Mr Right can’t be be far away.  It’s just a weighting game!

Vicky said “I’m mortified – I look like a pregnant Big Bird in that dress. I was trying to cover up on the beach and save everyone the sight of me in a bikini. I actually didn’t think I looked that bad”.

After breaking up with Ricci I did exactly what I shouldn’t.. I went out with all my girls and got drunk and tried to put a brave face on things when inside I was dying.. I just started eating to make myself feel bette, and got fatter and more miserable! But I can’t believe l look that bad- I’m mortified, I had no idea I’d let myself go this much.’

‘That cannot be me?! I don’t even believe that’s me! I am shocked.. I look completely horrendous! A mess of cellulite, lumps and bumps!’

‘I wore the cover up because I was self-conscious.. I knew I’d put weight on but I had no idea it was that bad! I thought people would look at me in a bikini and I would repulse them but I look even worse in the dress.

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