Pregnant Lucy-Jo Hudson: ‘We can’t agree on a name for our baby girl!’

Lucy-Jo Hudson is over the sickness stage and now she is finally enjoying her pregnancy and loves showing off her bump.

Wild At Heart star Lucy-Jo and her husband, Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall, are expecting their first baby together on 29 August and they’re excited to have found out it’s a girl.

But while she’s eating the right things, planning for a water birth and has already started stocking up on pink items for the nursery, there’s one sticking point.

“Names is the one thing we cannot agree on!” she tells Reveal.

“Al doesn’t like anything I come up with and I don’t particularly like anything he comes up with! It’s the one thing I think we’ll struggle with.

“We’ve decided we’ll keep writing our little lists and we’ve got a baby names book, but it’s so hard. I don’t particularly like traditional names, I like things a little bit quirky, but Al doesn’t like the really modern names.”

Lucy then reflects: “It’s forever, they’re stuck with it forever. My style changes every year so what if, after a year, I don’t like the name?

“So we’ve said we’ll wait until she’s here and we’ll have a couple of possibles by then and hopefully we’ll go, ‘She’s looks like a…’

“A lot of my friends have known for years what names they’d want. But I’ve never had that. If I had, it might have made things a bit easier! We’ll just have to keep reading the books…”

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