We reveal Kate Humble’s sexy past

So then Kate Humble, you’d never consider showing your cleavage like TV autocuties? We uncover Countryfile host’s daring shots from 2003

As a self-styled tomboy, Kate Humble is not really one for sequins and plunging necklines.
Striding through the woods in search of birds and running after lambs on the farm, she’s much more comfortable in her old Wellingtons and a cosy parka.
Indeed, as the 44-year-old host of Autumnwatch and Countryfile bluntly put it herself, it would be pointless for her to appear in a glamorous outfit ‘that shows half my t*** and most of my a***’.
But maybe she does have a few flimsy pieces in the back of her wardrobe after all.
She certainly did a few years ago, as these pictures show.
Posing seductively in low-cut dresses for a series of promotional shots in 2003, Miss Humble doesn’t look at all like the practical presenter we’ve come to know.
So much for her recent declaration that when it comes to revealing outfits, she’s just not that sort of girl.
Asked if she ever felt pressure to style herself like some ‘autocutie’ presenters and newsreaders, she replied:  ‘I’ve never been a dressy sort of person. I’m not interested in clothes and fashion.
You want to look reasonable, but most of the time the programmes I do are not about me. I am a conduit for information, nothing more.
‘I interpret on behalf of the audience, so I don’t want to be the focus of attention, it is not about me. Why on earth would I do Lambing Live in sequins? It depends what you are doing, but that is not the sort of person I am.
‘If I was there in a dress that shows half my t*** and most of my a***, it would be pointless.’
Miss Humble, who is hosting BBC2’s The Wonder Of Dogs, presented Wild Shepherdess this year, a show in which she lived with a group of shepherds in Afghanistan, unable to wash or change her clothes for weeks.
It suited her fine, she said, adding: ‘No production team is going to want someone who wakes up in the tent and says, “Hang on a second, I just need a couple of hours to do my make-up”


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