Status Quo star Rick Parfitt’s wife Lyndsay has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rick Parfitt‘s wife Lyndsay has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Status Quo rocker had just returned from touring when his 54-year-old partner was given the news at a clinic in Malaga, Spain, near the couple’s home in Marbella, and she insists it came as a huge blow.

She tells Hello! magazine, “My Spanish is fairly good and as I unfolded the letter handed to me by the receptionist I recognised the Spanish word for cancer. In a split second it was like my life had stopped. I went from being on top of the world to on the floor. It was a shocking way to find out that you have a life-threatening illness.”

She has since undergone a lumpectomy to remove four tumours as well as a three-week course of radiotherapy, and doctors have given her a positive prognosis.

Parfitt admits he was devastated by his wife’s health ordeal, insisting, “It has all been too much. I just want Lyndsay to get better.”

Meanwhile, Lyndsay is adamant his unfaltering support has made all the difference in her recovery: “It’s hard for the people close to you to deal with these things. Rick is used to overcoming obstacles and is a fine example of being a survivor but this is something he can’t do anything about. It has hit him harder than he lets on. He has been a great support during the diagnosis and operation. He never left my side.”

Parfitt married Lyndsay in 2006 and they are parents to five-year-old twins Tommy and Lily.

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