Sophie Anderton : “I was addicted to morphine aged 11”

Sophie Anderton had a deadly drug addiction that resulted in her trying to take her own life – and, unfortunately, we’re not referring to her well-documented cocaine problem.
Because sadly, the model began her drug dependency at the tender age of 11, but this time her poison was morphine.

Following a hit-and-run accident that left the Celebrity Big Brother star with an open-to-the-bone wound, she became addicted to the painkiller and, at her worst, injected herself five times a day.

“Morphine was a huge part of my life,” admits the 36-year-old during our exclusive interview. “If I was upset, or in pain, or in any type of emotional distress, I would inject myself with it. And I think that was a pattern that continued later in life with drugs.”

Born and raised in a quiet Bristol suburb, Sophie, who went on to become one of the most famous supermodels of the 90s, says her life changed dramatically when she was 11.

She was walking back from the shops when she was hit by a car just minutes from her home.

“I was about a foot into the road and the next thing I knew something hit the side of me,” she says. “I somersaulted into the air, landed on my head and the car then drove over my right leg.”

Dazed and disorientated, Sophie attempted to stand up – only to make the shocking discovery that her right foot had dislocated and bent all the way back on itself, with the sole facing the wrong way.

Things went from bad to worse when Sophie reached the hospital and a scan revealed that she was also suffering from swelling in her brain.

“I was rushed into surgery where they operated on me for hours. They pinned my toes back, pinned my ankle together and put a metal rod in my leg from my ankle to just below my knee,” she recalls.

Luckily doctors were able to save Sophie’s leg – and her life – and three weeks later, she returned home with her leg in a plaster cast.

But after a month, she discovered that she had gangrene in the wound – a serious condition that causes skin to turn black and die.

“When they took my plaster off, my ankle looked like a giant, black octopus head. They cut it open and when they removed all the dead skin, there was nothing but bone.”

Read the full story in issue 39 of Reveal magazine

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