Katy Hill on Meeting Santa in the snowy kingdom of Lapland

Pictures by Alan Olley

The word ‘magical’ is often used to describe Lapland, but it’s hard to think of a better one.

The snow is thick on the ground and, because it’s only light for two hours in the middle of each day during the depths of winter, everywhere is lit up.

The result is like being in a magic kingdom because the snow glistens and sparkles in the reflected light. We stayed in a toasty log cabin in Luosto.

With young children, I always prefer to have my own kitchen, which is why we chose the cabin complete with Christmas tree, open fire and sauna, although we were too busy during our short stay to use it.

On the first morning we were introduced to ‘mushing’ – our children, Kaya Skye, seven and Akira, three, were excited at the thought of being pulled along on a sledge by a pack of huskies, especially as my husband Trey was going to be in charge of the reins as the huskies raced through the trees.

Trey was warned that, when we came to a hill, he’d have to jump off and help push the sledge, which is exactly what happened. It proved to be a major workout.

The children and I had a lovely, relaxing three-mile ride through the snowy hills; Trey less so. After that, and as a bit of a reward, we were allowed a go on a Skidoo, a motorbike suitable for the snow. Trey and I have spent many hours on his bikes with him at the helm.

I thought it only fair that he trust me this time. By the end, he was almost as white as the snow around us.

The time we spent at the Kopara Reindeer Farm was one of the highlights of the trip. We sat on a sleigh under rugs to keep us warm and were pulled along by the animals at high speed.

It was thrilling. At one point Akira turned to me. ‘Mummy,’ he said, ‘when are we going to take off?’ It was one of the sweetest things I’d ever heard.

Full Story in Daily Mail

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