We take you inside the home of Jesus …. Robert Powell

We take you inside the home of Jesus ….

Robert Powell has come a long way since playing Christ in the 70’s TV film Jesus of Nazareth.  Here we have pictures of the actor at home with his wife Babs.

The Jesus Of Nazareth actor has been happily married to Pan’s People star Babs for 37 years.   They got together after he took her and her four colleagues out.

Robert, 68, says he was at BBC TV Centre on a Wednesday when the dancers were rehearsing for Top Of The Pops and a mate introduced him to “these five gorgeous girls”.

He recalls: “The following Wednesday I rang my friend and said I was popping in for a beer that lunchtime so I could see them again.

“This time I invited them all out to dinner – I was very shy then and felt I couldn’t corral just one of them. I thought the next best thing to do was take them all out.

“They all said yes, which I thought was extraordinary because they were all unbelievably beautiful girls. We went to a little trattoria on King’s Road and it was great.”I gave Babs a lift back to TV Centre and asked if she fancied coming out to dinner with me again. She did and that was it!”

Robert Powell is to star as Hercule Poirot in a touring production of Agatha Christie’s play Black Coffee.

The production will open at the Theatre Royal in Windsor on Jan 7 and continue until May 10, where it ends its run at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.

hi-res images can be found on our website scopefeatures.com


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