Pregnant Michelle Heaton: “I’m scared about having my ovaries removed”

After a turbulent couple of years which have seen the singer, 34, endure a double mastectomy after discovering she was at a heightened risk of breast cancer, she’s looking forward to giving her one-year-old daughter Faith a Christmas to remember.

Her post-op recovery period meant a family Christmas last year was out of the question, so Michelle’s keen to more than make up for it this time around.

“This will be our first proper family Christmas and we can’t wait to start our own family traditions,” she tells us.”Last year I was in recovery from the double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

“I couldn’t cope with Christmas at home – any mum will know how much preparation and organisation it takes – and so I couldn’t give Faith the first Christmas I wanted. It was a tough time. But I’m making it up to her this year.” Michelle adds: “I really missed out on cooking a big feast last time so I’m doing a massive spread this year. I can’t wait to spoil everyone and give them all a good feed”.

And this festive season is extra special for Michelle and her husband Hugh, as they’re expecting their second and final bundle of joy as Michelle is set to also have her ovaries removed as a preventative measure, this time against ovarian cancer.

“I always pictured having one girl and one boy. I never imagined it any other way. Plus, I’d be risking my life if I had another baby,” Michelle bravely admits.

“No matter how daunting having my ovaries out – and it is – it’s necessary.”

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