Vanessa Hudgens steps out in a plunging black evening gown as she joins co-star Rosario Dawson at screening of Gimme Shelter

Her latest film is a far cry from her High School Musical roots, and Vanessa Hudgens was on hand to promote it at an exclusive screening in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening.

The actress looked stunning in a sweeping black evening gown after arriving at The Egyptian Theatre, where she rubbed shoulders with her co-stars ahead of the exclusive preview screening of Gimme Shelter.

Vanessa’s sleeveless design came with a plunging neck that enabled her to show off a very generous portion of cleavage, and show it off she did after hitting the red carpet for an obligatory photo-call.

The 25-year-old looked characteristically bronzed and toned as she made her way inside the venue with actress pal Rosario Dawson, who stars alongside her in the new film.

Vanessa’s stark black ensemble made her generous use of make-up all the more striking, and her rouged cheeks and blood red lips offered her elegant look an added splash of colour.

The actress completed her outfit with a pair of strappy black heels, but they remained partially hidden beneath the wide cut of her dress.

Standing alongside Rosario, Vanessa appeared to be in high spirits and the two pals shared a private joke in front of the cameras before making their way inside.

Speaking recently about Gimme Shelter, Vanessa admitted her friends were left ‘concerned’ for her when she wrapped the film because she had immersed herself so much into the role of homeless pregnant teenager Apple, she had lost her sense of self.

She said: ‘I didn’t really know who I was – Vanessa was gone. I came home and I was a complete disaster.

‘My best friend is still so concerned about me when she thinks about that day because I was just a bit of a mess.

‘I wasn’t really comfortable in social situations and my self-esteem was super low because I had no hair and I had put on all this weight, so physically I didn’t feel attractive. And I was single.’

Vanessa – who gained 15lbs for the movie – cut her hair off on camera during filming and enjoyed the challenge of transforming herself to feel ‘grimy and ugly’.

She said: ‘The grimier and uglier I got, the more I was like, “F**k yeah.” ‘

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