Russell Watson, to wed his girlfriend Louise Harris

Classical singer Russell Watson is to  marry his 25-year-old girlfriend who is almost half his age.

The 47-year-old tenor met former office receptionist Louise Harris four years ago when her cousin asked him for an autograph at a restaurant.

Mr Watson, 47, was quick to play down the age gap between him and his fiancée.

He said: ‘On our first night out, it didn’t pass me by that there’s an age gap between us. I thought, “What will we talk about?” But we didn’t stop talking from the minute we met and haven’t since.’

The first date between the pair took place shortly after Miss Harris was introduced to Mr Watson in a restaurant in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Miss Harris recalls: ‘Loads of people were asking him for photos and my cousin said: “Ooh, let’s go over” so we did and I took a picture of her with Russell and went to sit back down. He got his assistant Gary to come over and ask if he could take me out for dinner. I said yes.’

Pictures By Tony Ward

Full story in Daily Mail

Hi-res images can be found on our website


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