The  “octomum” promised huge sums of money by shamed PR guru Max Clifford  before miscarrying eight babies  has labelled him a predator who targets vulnerable women.

Mandy became headline news around the world in the late 90s for conceiving and then miscarrying octuplets and Mr. clifford was handling her  publicity.

She claims Clifford, who was convicted on Monday of indecent assaults on women, showed no sympathy after she lost all her eight babies in an early labour when she nearly died twice.

” I sold my soul to the devil, and he ( Clifford )  was the devil. He used me as a cash cow.”

She was flown to America and interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey Show and also by Barbara Walters.

Mandy’s story even attracted a message from Princess Diana expressing her sorrow.

But she claims the final straw came  in an interview with  a German TV station.  They told her they offered Clifford £495.000 for her story – but he told Mandy the fee was only |£20.000.00.  She sued him in 2001 for making ” secret ” profits.

She has twice tried to kill ­herself, suffered numerous bouts of depression and still battles her addiction to booze.

“But I’m moving forward now. Even today, or when I am in the depths of despair or want to go to bed and take a sleeping tablet because I think I can’t go on, I speak to myself and say, ‘Come on, Mandy, get your slap on, get in that bath and get out’.

“I’m on anti-depressants and will take the odd sleeping tablet even though the doctor does warn me against it.”

Mandy, who has moved to Stratford-upon-Avon, helps a small circle of friends who also suffer from depression.

She said: “I have a brain and know I can help others. I’m not going to get over what happened, or the death of my younger ­brother, who died of a brain ­tumour when he was just 24.

“When I do have really dark thoughts or think I can’t go on, or have thoughts of getting a knife and stabbing myself, I make myself realise I’ve got too much to offer.

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