IS ARG STILL THE ONE? for Gemma Collins

The Only Way Is Arge would seem the be the appropriate title of how TOWIE star Gemma  Collins  feels about her co-star.

The glamorous 30-year-old stills holds a candle for the fun-loving, 25-year-old “handsome hunk”  despite the fact that he won’t  “own up to  his real feelings ”  for her.

For two years the nation has been gripped by the on/off saga of the TV couple, and two weeks ago Gemma swallowed her pride and  confessed her love for her co-star.

But Arge failed to say it back leaving Gemma “crushed and bruised.”

When the cameras stopped rolling  Arge told a different story.  ” Off camera he was genuinely upset when I told him I love him, ” she recalls.   He followed me like a puppy dog to the cafe and asked if he could lay on the settee.  He didn’t move from there for three hours.”

” The way he portrays us to people is not true.”

Gemma  admits that real love  hasn’t happened for her yet.   She broke off her engagement  to businessman  Rami Hawash in January of this year. Money seems to have been the main reason: ” As soon as I got engaged, the  demand for money for money was endless, and I couldn’t cope with it. I felt suffocated. “

Gemma admits that  she would take Arge back if he said ” let’s make another go of it.”

Come on, Arge. Just think what it would do for the TV ratings!

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