Exclusive behind the scenes look at The Saturdays new single ” What you waiting for “

Photographer Tony Ward was invited to shoot on location with The Saturdays , the shoot took place in an array of stunning backdrops in and around the First Choice Holiday Village in Rhodes, Greece.

‘We have literally over the last few days done as many set ups as possible,’ band-member Rochelle Humes explains.

‘We’ve been on a yacht, we have been in a jeep driving around Greece, we have been in a karaoke bar, we have been on a beach, we have been in a hotel room, we’ve been in the pool – we’ve literally done everything there is to do in Greece.’

The group are captured prepping for a key scene in the resort’s shimmering outdoor pool, as well as other scenes on the beach.

Frankie Sandford, who re-joined the band after giving birth to her first child with footballer Wayne Bridge, admitted she was having the time of her life on set.

‘It’s probably one of the best sets I’ve ever been on,’ she says.  ‘It’s so nice, it’s sunny – we’re having such a good time, we’re running around all over the place.

‘The song’s just about having a good time and having a big party, and that’s completely what the video’s all about.  We’ve just been dancing around – we’re having so much fun.’

Mollie King adds: ‘There’s been so much going on, so many set-ups, we’ve been playing around in the pool here.

‘We’ve also been to the beach as well in a place called Lindos, which is just beautiful – I don’t think we ever wanted to leave.’

The new single has been released ahead of their forthcoming greatest hits album, Finest Selection, which also includes two other previously unheard tracks – 808 and Walking Through the Desert.

In September the group will promote the album with a UK tour, kicking off in Glasgow on the 7th before working its way across the country with a string of shows that culminate in Plymouth on the 23rd.

The group also plan a return to the studio later this year to record their fifth studio album.

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