Kate Bush’s much-anticipated series of concerts are a sell-out

The singer’s much-anticipated series of concerts are a sell-out, her return to the stage heralded by critics everywhere. Yet her particular brand of carefully crafted fantasy was not always so widely acclaimed.

In 2014, the idea of Kate Bush as a pop star seems almost unbelievable. Did it actually happen, that run of singles so strange and yet so strong that they rose to the higher reaches of the hit parade, rubbing shoulders with Showaddywaddy and the Nolans on Top of the Pops? How did such an unearthly voice and unleashed imagination ever infiltrate the mundane mainstream, get playlisted on daytime Radio 1, profiled on Nationwide, parodied on Not the Nine O’Clock News?

The string of hits from Wuthering Heights to Cloudbusting is almost unrivalled for sustained brilliance and escalating oddness – only the Beatles, from start to finish, and Bowie, from Space Oddity to Fashion, surpass it.

Kate Bush plays the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London, from 26 August to 1 October.

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