Her alter-ego Alexis Carrington wouldn’t be seen dead living in anything smaller than a mansion.

But Joan collins is in love with her two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath west Hollywood apartment.

” I one had the biggest house on  the Cabrillo Drive in Beverly Hills.  Been there. Done that! “

Joan’s now all about downsizing – and besides, her place is as elegant as any Dynasty Set.    ” it’s modern and eclectic, yet cozy and glamorous.  It’s tasteful and extremely  comfortable.”

Glitz comes a distant second to homey these days for Joan, 81, who moves often to  ” follow the sun ” – from her London apartment, to her house in the south of France, to this bright 2,000 square-foot  high-rise pad.   

” A home has to be comfortable< ‘ she insists, rejecting ” those stark, modern dining acts where the seats are so hard to sit in and the sofas tend to be so uncomfortable, all int he name of style.”

Still, don’t think that Joan’s taste is anything less than  “fabulous”, to us one of her favourite words.

Her dining room. anchored by a gorgeous glass table above marble tile, would the envy of the trendiest eater.  Four-star hotel could take a lesson from her bedroom, which is trimmed in velvet walls, and silk bedding matches the turquoise decor.

Her art collection, including an Andy Warhol portrait, would put some galleries to shame.    Best yet, all the luxury is set off against  the backdrop of a stunning 90-degree view, ” that’s quite extraordinary for L.A. ” joan boasts.  ” When it’s clear I can see all the to Mailibu and the mountains.”

In fact, the view and the building’s locale were originally more of a draw when she bought the apartment 10 years ago.

” it was horribly furnished, ” she recalls with a laugh. ” But I have a very good imagination.

She annexed a third of the living room to create an  office  and guest house for her children when the visit.

Of course, it would help if Joan and her husband of 12 years, Percy Gibson, were around more often to be visited.

thanks to her work on her Joan Collins Timelss Beauty cosmetics line and a travelling one-woman show set to hit  Las Vegas in November, the star is often taking  her glamour on the road.

  Since I travel so much, I love that I can just turn the key, go away and don’t have to worry about it.  the apartment takes care of itself.”

DETAILS:: Amid her 18th century statues, ” we have small dinner, Occasionally, we have about 20 people over  for a buffet, but in L.A. I like to entertain in restaurants,” said Joan.

” I’m not really a kitchen person,” Joan admits, ” but it’s a lovely kitchen.”

” I’m always changing and redecorating. To live, I think you have to move around.”

” The big bedroom is great. I love the turquoise accents.   And I spend a lot of time there on the bed!, the actress jokes.

” My little office doubles as a guest room. I’ve written 16 books, but I tend to write on the terrace or in the living room.”

” What makes a house a home is the ambience, plus little touches like flowers, cushions and photos.”

her original Andy Warhol portrait is ” amazing ” .   ” He didn’t do many people so I am in rather illustrious company.”

” When it’s sunny, as it is most of the time in L.A., I’ll have my coffee outside.”

” My mementos tend to get spread out all over the globe, so I have reminders in all of my places.”

Joan has collected art from around the world, some accented by the animal prints she loves.

More EXCLUSIVE unpublished hi-res images can be found on our


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