Richard Kiel dead: Bond villain who played Jaws passes away aged 74

Actor Richard Kiel, most famous for his role as towering Bond villain Jaws, has died aged 74 in California.

The American actor, who starred in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979), died in hospital in Fresno on Wednesday. The hospital have not released the cause of death, citing client confidentiality.

Mr Kiel, who measured 7ft 2in, was born in Detroit and made in small screen debut in 1960. He was also cast as a Mr Lawson in Adam Sandler’s golf comedy Happy Gilmore (1996) and voiced another villain for animated film Tangled (2010).

He made his name as Jaws, starring opposite Roger Moore, despite initially thinking the part was “over the top”.

“I was very put off by the description of the character and I thought, well, they don’t really need an actor, he’s more a monster part,” he said.

“I wanted to give the character some human characteristics, like perseverance, frustration.”


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