She is the woman who was once a staple of saucy headlines for being what she now calls ‘a crass pin-up caricature’ .

Abi Titmuss was propropelled into the limelight when a sex tape was leaked on to the web featuring herself, former boyfriend John Leslie and a third partner having a threesome.

Now she  has taken on a new identity, changing her name to Abigail Evelyn in an attempt to shed her past and start a new career as a serious actress in the United States.

‘When you judge your self-worth by how many camera lenses are pointed at you then that is a recipe for disaster,’ she says.

‘I was thrust into a world I was ill-prepared for and while I thought I could handle it, it has taken me years to sort myself out.’

Today Abi admits that the arc lights of fame drove her into a suicidal depression that took years of therapy and a move to the other side of the Atlantic to break.

Did she actually consider killing herself?

‘Yes, many times. It took me years of therapy to deal with the depression. It was a traumatic experience. I don’t think it will ever go away.’

The smile, the charm and the curvy figure are just the same, but when she opens her mouth she is clearly not he woman who burst on to the scene as a glamour girl on the covers of ‘lad’ magazines such as Nuts, Loaded and FHM.

This is a modern-day morality tale of a quiet girl from a good Lincolnshire family who somehow ended up starring in an infamous sex tape with TV presenter John Leslie and another woman. It was a tawdry episode, yet one which turned her into a household name.

At the peak of her fame she could command £30,000 for a single photoshoot.

After taking her life-changing decision, Abi, now 38, arrived unannounced in Los Angeles with four suitcases plus the fruits of wise investments.

‘I sold two of the four properties I had in London which I bought with my earnings from that time. Something good came from something bad. Without that money I wouldn’t be here.’

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