Katie Hopkins installs fear in the hearts of millions – the acid-tongued star even turned the original ice queen Katie Price into a meek woman on the current series of Celebrity Big Brother, despite the glamour model insisting there would be fireworks between them.

But there is ONE person in this world who can control the notoriously outspoken star – her husband Marl Cross – a design manager so quiet and kind that he is known to friends and family as ‘Lovely Mark’.

In an interview with FEMAIL, Katie reveals that while she refuses to listen to anyone, even her own children, she bows down to her 50-year-old husband in every argument.

She said: ‘He is probably the only person on the planet that can control me, weirdly, because whatever he says is going to be right and there is no escaping that.

‘If he was an a***hole you could just ignore it but he’s not.’

The couple met in 2006 while working at the Met Office together and first got together in 2007, shortly after Katie had appeared on BBC1 show The Apprentice.

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