With his Gallic playboy good looks and flamboyant playing style, French football ace David Ginola won many adoring female fans when he moved to England and joined Newcastle United in 1995.
The long-haired stud soon became known as France’s answer to George Best.
Now the 47-year-old has a more serious, business-like image as he hopes to dethrone Sepp Blatter as FIFA president.
Our exclusive pictures show the 29-year-old in his first British fashion shoot in 1996 and in Saint-Trpoez in 2001 ( shot for Hello! mag ) where he lived at the time.
He started his career at Paris-Saint-Germain before moving to English clubs which also included Spurs, Aston Villa and Everton.
Ginola also played for France while featuring in advertising campaigns for L”Oreal.
He turned to acting when his playing career ended in 2002, with his voice being used for the shrimp in Finding Nemo.
He also had a role in The Last Drop, Colin Teague’s war movie.
Ginola is married to fashion model Coraline. The couple have a son and a daughter, and live near Saint-tropoez.
In 2008, Ginola was sued for child maintenance by Joelle Pinquier. She alleged that Ginola fathered her daughter Joy after a short affair. Although he refused to take a paternity test Ginola agreed to pay £400 a month child maintenance until Joy was 18.

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